Frank Borges Jr General Contracting


Frank Borges, Jr. is California State Licensed General Contractor (#515822) operating in the Napa Valley, California.

Types of Construction Projects

Commercial and light industrial - restaurants, wineries, resorts, retail, offices, etc.
Residential - architecturally designed homes and owner-designed remodels and renovations
Other Structures - pergolas and trellises, barns and sheds, light bridges, ADA walkways and ramps, etc.

Frank's Philosophy as a Contractor

The contracting business in this day and age - like all businesses - has evolved to levels never seen before. Clients have high expectations of my knowledge of building techniques and standards, municipal and building codes, my ability to design and complete projects that are pleasing to the eye and structurally sound, to stay within tight schedules and tight budgets, to coordinate sub-contracting and building inspections, and to communicate with owners from the beginning of a project to the end.

My professional approach does not stop there, however. In order to complete the picture and turn a project into a team effort, I must earn the trust and respect from my clients with honesty and sincerity.  Keeping appraised of new methods and materials keeps me sharp. Double-checking plans and monitoring progress reduces oversights and errors. Making sure that work is done right the first time demonstrates integrity. Patience, amiability, and a desire to listen to the client's needs and expectations not only avoid mis-communications, but actually makes projects more enjoyable. The result is often a business or personal relationships that extend beyond the completion of the project.

I always hope to bring an additional level of service to my projects that others may not provide, and I appreciate the opportunities that working with different clients brings.

Company Goals

The goals of Borges General Contracting are to offer high quality work at a fair price, to follow safe and proven construction practices, and to assist clients, architects, engineers, and other designers balance structural integrity with aesthetic appearance. We emphasize clear communications throughout the planning and contructions phases, strive to keep our clients informed and involved, and to be responsive to their questions and directions. We know that new clients have the potential to become our best source of future referrals.

Frank's Background

Frank Borges Jr began work in the construction trade in the Napa Valley during high school in the late 1970's, working for his fathers company during the summers. (Frank Borges Sr still maintains a general engineering contractors license.)  Frank then worked for a builders supply company and two construction firms. He obtained his contractors license in 1987. Following his employers death and the dissolution of his employers company, Frank established a construction firm under his own name. During the past 30 years, Frank has actively participated in every phase of commercial and residential construction. He has supervised construction of projects that included a ten-acre shopping center, multiple 5,000+ sq ft custom residences, remodels and expansions to world-class restaurants and resort, and a 12,000 sq ft winery building. As the general contractor of record on multiple projects, Frank prefers to keep the company lean with core crew of experienced and responsible workers, while depending upon reliable sub-contractors for much of the work performed.

Company Work Crew

The crew at Borges General Contracting includes dependable foremen, carpenters, and laborers who have demonstrated skills appropriate to their levels of work and experience. Historically Borges General Contracting has directly employed up to thirty-five workers during peak times of growth in the construction industry. Additionally, Borges hires specialty subcontractors (concrete, framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc) with whom we have years of experience and who have also proven to be reliable and dependable in the professional performance of their work.

Frank Borges Jr is Licensed - Bonded - Insured

   General Building Contractor License # 515822 - California Contractors State License Board - since 1987
   Bonded - Contractor's Bond # 143054C, Indemnity Company of California
   Workers Compensation Insurance Carrier - Everest National Insurance Company

Frank Warrantees His Company's Work

Frank Borges Jr General Contracting warrantees the workmanship and materials used during the course of construction to be free from defects for a period of one year, and will repair and/or replace defective work at no additional cost to the owner.