Frank’s Philosophy

Frank Borges, Jr. Philosophy

Building practices in California, and specifically Napa County, have changed dramatically since we started our company in 1987. Building codes have evolved, permitting has become more constrained and land use scrutiny is at an all-time high. Building methods, materials and equipment continue to change and improve. In Napa County, though, we are also faced with other serious challenges – including earthquakes, fire safety and flood risks. Our construction philosophy is to not only understand our clients design and style preferences, but also help them wade through these changes and challenges so we can provide them with the best service and end result possible for their project. This includes understanding and addressing our client’s expectations for cost, timing and communication to lessen the anxiety that comes with major building projects. Our past customers would hopefully use words like trust, respect and integrity to not only describe Frank and Sheri, but also all of their team members and sub-contractors.